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Juan Pablo Molero, Sensei





Juan Pablo Molero, Venezuelan, 30 years of age, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration,

JP Sensei moved to the United States a couple of years ago, he is currently a resident of Doral.

He is employed at Blitz Procurement and Management, and is the Logistics Department manager.  

Having been introduced to Aikido in 2009, he earned the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) from

 Maribel Rivas, Sensei who has over 30 years of experience practicing aikido, She was a direct student

of the Wenseslao Barignani, Sensei who introduced Aikido to Venezuela during the 1960's.

In 2012 upon JP Senseiís arrival in the United States he met Juan R Alberto, Sensei and became a

student of Juan Sensei. Shortly after he received his official Shodan ranking from Juan Sensei through

the American Aikikai Federation headed by Michael Moreno, Sensei and issued by the

 International Aikikai Federation (Aikikai) in Tokyo, Japan.