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Feather Falls Ukemi Work Shop


Carrie Mateoli


University of South Florida Aikido Club
December 8th, 2012





Shodan (Black Belt) Testing


November 16th, 2012

William Garcia, Mitch Fernandez, Victor Gutierrez


Mitch Fernandez, President of Florida International University's Panther Aikido Club, Clyde Takeguchi Shihan of Capitol Aikikai, Juan R. Alberto Sensei

Seminar hosted by Miami Aikikai

January 21st, 2012


Henry Kono Seminar at Shindai Dojo in Orlando February 3,4,5, 2012


Tony Rosquete Sensei, Henry Kono Sensei, Juan R. Alberto Sensei

February 4th, 2012




48th Annual All Japan Aikido Demonstration

Tony Rosquete, Alex Ramirez & Cedric Capestany

May 2010



Todd Jones Seminar at Tampa Judo and Aikido Dojo

December 1, 2007

I attended this seminar as a guest to my good friend Russell Davis. I am happy to say that I had

a great time and enjoyed the class taught by Jones, Sensei. I also had the pleasure of putting faces to the

names I had heard so much about. I am looking forward to training with this group agian.

Oh yeah, almost forgot CONGRATULATIONS! Russ on your promotion to Go Dan (5th Dan Black Belt) 



Moreno Sensei Seminar at Sand Drift Aikido, Cocoa, Fl.

March 24, 2007

Sensei Juan, Chris, Sensei Michael Moreno, Enrique, Saul




4th Annual Friendship Gathering

Sand Drift Aikido Dojo, Cocoa, Florida

Fort Lauderdale Schools of Aikido

Fort Myers School of Aikido

Aikido Center of Miami

We had a great time with our friends from these dojos and are looking forward

 to continuing to share our Aikido with our friends in the future.

We hope to see more dojos participate in next years


Michael Moreno, Sensei

6th Dan Aikikai

United States Aikido Association


November 18, 2006


It was a pleasure to be able to train with such a diverse group of Aikidoka. Moreno, Sensei was very informative and went around the dojo to each and everyone participating and offered assistance. Moreno, Sensei was very energetic and provided the participants with an energetic and well paced training session.

We had participants from as far away as Deland, Florida and as close by as Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am certainly looking forward to next year's seminar with Michael Moreno, Sensei and having even more local dojos participating




Henry Kono, Sensei


March 10 -12, 2006

It was a real honor and pleasure to host Henry Kono, Sensei for a weekend seminar at our dojo.
I believe that everyone had a great time and learned a lot during the seminar from Henry.
Some of us were fortunate to spend some extra quality time asking questions and conversing with Henry after class at my house.
If you have never had the pleasure of training with Henry you are really missing out. I as I am sure many of the Aikidoka whom have had
the pleasure of training with Henry are looking forward to our next encounter.

Check back soon for more seminar pictures.




Gabriel Fernandez is one of our students that is currently serving in the U.S. Navy.

We all miss him on the mat and wish him the best of luck during his service in the navy.

We are very proud to have Gabe as one of our dojo members and look forward to his visits
home to train with him.

Henry Kono, Sensei
Palm Beach Aikikai
March 4-6, 2005

For me to say that I was impressed by what Kono, Sensei demonstrated would be an insult. First Kono, Sensei would not allow anyone to call him Kono, Sensei or Sensei for that matter. As he said to me when I first approached him to tell him of my delight to have been able to be at the seminar (or teachings) as Palm Beach Aikikai called it and called him Kono, Sensei, he replied "My mother named me Henry and that is what you can call me".

I have never met any high ranking Sensei at a seminar that was as open and informal in his manner as "Henry" I must admit that at first I was taken a-back by his easy going demeanor and was quickly made to feel as an equal simply because I had a determined look about me. "Henry" as I have become accustomed to calling him is truly a "GEM" I have been to many seminars taught by different styles or schools of Aikido and have yet to experience anything like I did while I was in the presence of "Henry".

I have always wondered how O'Sensei managed to control uke with an almost magical touch and at times wondered if it was just uke giving in, until I felt "Henry's" techniques or I should say "didn't feel". "Henry is definitely a Sensei that I will continue to follow and admire. He candidly shared some of his experiences while a student at Hombu Dojo under the guidance of O'Sensei from 1964 to 1969. I can only say that I feel that "Henry" is the closest thing to taking a class from O'Sensei that I can imagine. I even played several video clips of O'Sensei and can see that "Henry" truly has figured out O'Sensei's connection that made his Aikido so much more superior than others.

THANK YOU! Henry for sharing your Aikido with me.

Put the body in motion......Let's start the commotion.

Sensei Juan with Vivianna as Uke, David as Uke and Chris as Uke.

David as Uke, Chris as Uke and Vivianna with Sensei Juan as Uke 




Sifu John Bracy visits our dojo

Juan R. Alberto, John Bracy, Sergio Verdeza

I would like to thank my former student Sergio Verdeza for introducing me to Sifu Bracy. I can honestly say that Sifu Bracy is a wonderful instructor and a powerful martial artist. He was very approachable and everyone enjoyed the workshop he presented. I was fortunate enough to personally experience Sifu Bracy's healing touch after having been injured while training. I went to Sifu Bracy for treatment and he was able to relieve my pain immediately. Thank you Sifu.

  John Bracy is the founder of Hsing Chen Internal Arts, a combination of art and science that investigates the most advanced approaches to teaching the traditional Chinese internal arts. Through this method dedicated and sincere students are taught the secrets of the nearly lost keys to the arts of Hsing I, Ba Gua (Pa Kua), Tai Chi, Internal Shaolin, and Chi Kung (qi gong). Through these keys students are taught to critically examine, understand and learn to apply internal energy, internal power and advanced mechanics.

In 1976 Master Bracy founded what was to become the Hsing Chen School. The school served as southern California headquarters for his unique method of teaching the internal arts until the fall of 2002.

Some of Johnís credentials: Licensed Instructor and Counselor rank from the Taiwan Pa Kua Gate Association (1981), eighth degree instructor level from the same association (1994), Licensed Coach certification from the Beijing Government Full Contact Fighting Association (1989), he is also a lineage disciple * of the Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang) martial art (1988), a distinction that only a handful of non-Chinese can claim.

Non-martial art but related information: B.A., Psychology (1981), trained in acupuncture in Taiwan while a graduate exchange student and researched the psycho-therapeutic applications of acupuncture. Mr. Bracy was one of the first acupuncturists working directly with a M.D. in Orange County, California where he assisted in the treatment of chronic pain patients. At present he also works with physicians where he helps patients find self healing alternatives to medical drugs and surgery.


January 22, 2005



Machado Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Marcos Santos during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Workshop







Juan R. Alberto, Sensei


February 5th, 2005

I would like to THANK everyone that supported AIKIDO CENTER OF MIAMI's  2nd Annual Friendship Gathering. Special Thanks to Cliff Williams, Sensei of Ft. Myers School of Aikido, Mark Williams, Sensei of Ft. Lauderdale Schools of Aikido, John Fonseca, Sensei of Mushin Dojo, Deland, Florida and Russell Davis, Sensei of Sand Drift Aikikai, Vero Beach, Florida for letting me share my Aikido with you and your students. I look forward to continue to work closely with all of you in the future.


Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu of Miami

9600 SW 8 St. Suite #51 Miami, FL. 33174

5th Anniversary Event

Special Guests:

Dai Shihan Duke, Dominican Republic., Dai Shihan Rahming, Bahamas,

Joe Scarlato, Sensei, New York Yoshinkan Aikido / Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu

 Juan R. Alberto, Sensei, Aikido Center of Miami

January 22, 2005   


It was an honor to be invited again to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu of Miami. In attendance were Dai-Shihan Duke of the Dominican Republic and Dai-Shihan Rahming of the Bahamas and Sensei Joe Scarlato of New York Yoshinkan Aikido. As always the kids had a great time showing off their Aikido skills and everyone was impressed with the high quality of their techniques. I am honored to have had the pleasure of presenting my kids demonstration before such notable martial artists as Dai-Shihans Rahming and Duke. It was also an honor to have been invited to attend Ismelly's Shodan presentation. Congratulations Sensei Ismelly.






Mushin Dojo

624 W. New York Street (S.R. 44), Deland, Florida 32720-5275

Jim Saba, Sensei & John Fonseca, Sensei

January 9th, 2005

It was a pleasure to be able to visit with my friends Jim Saba, Sensei and John Fonseca, Sensei of Mushin Dojo in Deland, Florida. I was fortunate enough to be able to teach class for over and hour and then uke for Saba Sensei. The students received me with open arms and were very motivated in their training. If you ever find yourself in the Deland area I suggest you drop in and visit the folks at Mushin Dojo.


Aikikai International

Troy Ferguson, Sensei

On Your Toes Gymnastics Center, 2721 SW 137th Avenue, Miami Florida

October 18, 2004

It was a great pleasure to be invited to teach at Ferguson, Sensei's dojo. His students were very receptive to my instruction and made my students and I feel very welcome. We are looking forward to Ferguson, Sensei coming to our dojo to teach.


Dr. Alan Drysdale, 5th Dan, Enmei Dojo

September 18th & 19th, 2004

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel

It was a pleasure having Drysdale, Sensei all to ourselves. Although attendance for this seminar was low (due to 2 Hurricanes) Drysdale, Sensei taught as if there were over 100 people in attendance. I am looking forward to hosting Drysdale, Sensei again next year.


We were honored by the turnout of participants from North and Central Florida, as well as the support of local Aikidoka.

Please look forward to our hosting Donovan Waite Sensei again next year and working closely with him in the near future.




May 21, 2004
Justin, Brian, Brandon, Carlos, Hugh, Tony, Andrew (front)
Andres, Elizabeth, Catherine, Lauren, Bradley, Chloe, Twylyte, Kieran, Chris (kneeling)
Matthew, Bryan, Justin, Alex, Anthony, Dennis (standing)
Emily, David, Julian, Alexander, Sensei Juan, Nicola, Christian, Ruben J.J., Vivianna (back)




Enmei Dojo


April 23,24,25, 2004

Titusville, FL

Sensei Alan Drysdale & Sensei Juan Alberto

Dr. Alan Drysdale, Sensei  & Juan R. Alberto, Sensei

Dr. Drysdale has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years and Aikido 30 years.

He is the chief instructor of Enmei Dojo and author of "Doing Aikido" and "Aikido - Moving On".

Anita, during her Nidan test (GREAT JOB)

Sensei Juan & Sensei Kelly




Sensei Juan & Sensei Kelly

Orlando Police Department Dojo    


Sensei Juan demonstrates a technique.

Amed practicing a technique











Tony, Sensei Anita, Sensei Alan Drysdale, Sensei Juan, Amed


I have to tell you that of all the seminars I have attended I have never been made to feel more welcome than at Enmei Dojo.
 Dr. Drysdale, Sensei is one of a kind. I am both honored and privileged to have been given the opportunity by Dr. Drysdale to be a guest instructor at his seminar.
The Aikidoka in attendance were a GREAT bunch. Students from all over Central Florida dojos were in attendance. It was a pleasure to share the mat with such enthusiastic people. My students Tony Rosquette and Amed Caraballo both had a fantastic time and made lots of new friends. We are looking forward to sharing the mat with the folks from Enmei Dojo in the future.

Keep checking this page for information regarding a Miami Seminar with Dr. Drysdale in the near future.





Juan R. Alberto, Sensei & Lazaro Gregorio, Sensei


February 8th, 2004

If I say that our Seminar was a GREAT success I am lying...

Words can not describe the FANTASTIC time we had and more important the new FRIENDS we made.

Thank You all for your support.

We are definitely looking forward to next years seminar.


An Award of Appreciation was given to Lazaro Gregorio, Sensei by the students of our dojo for his dedication

and contribution to the Art of Aikido. We are very honored to have him in our dojo.

Miyama-Ryu Ju Jutsu

 5th Anniversary Celebration

January 24th, 2004


Omar Echavarria, Shihan, Tony Rosquete, Sempai, Juan Alberto, Sensei

Vivianna, Emily, Shihan Echavarria, Sensei Juan, Chris, Carlos, JJ (back row)

Bianca, Tita, Kassandra, Nicola, Alex (middle row)

Sofia & Nicholas (front row)


Shihan Omar Echavarria, Sensei Juan Alberto his daughter Sofia


It was an honor for me to be invited to participate in Miyama-Ryu Ju Jutsu's 5th Anniversary Celebration. We had a great time and where able to see the roots of our own art Aikido in Miyama-Ryu's Ju Jutsu. The kids were very excited and had a wonderful time they performed demonstrations and the guests were very impressed with their abilities. We can not THANK Shihan Omar Echavarria and the students and staff enough for having invited us to share in their celebration. I guess we made a GREAT impression Shihan Echavarria has already extended us an invitation to their next celebration.




We recently attended Shindai Aikikai Dojo (Orlando, FL.)

Seminar featuring HIROSHI IKEDA, SHIHAN

Needless to say we were very impressed with Ikeda, Sensei's techniques. We were also very impressed with the hospitality of Steve Fasen, Sensei (although he like to be called Steve not Sensei) and all the other Aikidoka in attendance. We are definitely looking forward to Shindai Aikikai's next seminar.

We are fortunate to have Sensei Takashi Ishikawa, 6th Dan from Osaka, Japan.

Come visit our Dojo and be our guest Instructor on May 1, 2003

before his Spring Seminar at Barry University.

(more pictures will be posted soon)

(left to right) Humberto, Gene, Juan, Nicolas, Sensei Juan, Willy, Sensei Ichikawa, Ralphy, Sensei Lazaro, Sensei Jeff, Tony, Steve, Michael, Robert, Jeremy (seiza) Rosa, Tony, Chris, Giancarlo, Dalyn, Devon



 April 26th, 2003


770 N.E. 125th Street, North Miami, Fl


THANKS to all the students and parents who made it possible for us to make such a GREAT impression at


22 MARCH 2003

This was our First Kid's Demonstration and it was a huge success.


Southernmost Aikikai

Howell Key Seminar

March 21,22,23, 2003

Willy & Nick

Dinner is served

 The comforts of home




Weapons training



Willy & Wee Wow Sensei

Willy, Jim Moore Sensei & Nick


Picture courtesy of Jim Moore, Sensei


It is with GREAT pride that I say Willy & Nick represented AIKIDO CENTER OF MIAMI with honor at the Annual Howell Key Seminar hosted by Southernmost Aikikai. They couldn't say enough GREAT things about the Senseis and the Aikidoka they met. It was Willy & Nick's first seminar and they can't wait till the next one to meet more friends. My THANKS to  Jim Moore, Sensei for making them feel so at home. I promise I won't miss next years seminar. And to Wee Wow Dumlao, Sensei Willy was very impressed with her fluid and powerful Aikido.


In sincere Aiki spirit,

Juan R. Alberto, Chief Instructor



It's a BOY!!!

Sensei Juan and Ofelia Alberto are honored to announce the birth of  Nicholas John Alberto, 6 lbs. 12 oz, 18.5 inches long. he came to us on January 01, 2003 at 10:55 a.m. We expect Nicholas to follow in Daddy's and Sister's footsteps and follow the path to the way of AIKIDO. 


First Annual Dojo Toys for Tots Drive

U.S.M.C. Soldiers holding our Dojo Collection Box
December 2002

I would like to THANK all the students and parents who participated in our "First Annual Dojo Toys for Tots Drive". As you can see we collected a pretty large box full of toys for those less fortunate. I know that these children  had a much better Holiday Season THANKS to all of YOU. Again, THANK YOU for making this Holiday Season better for those kids.




Yes, you read it correctly! I know, you still can't believe it!

Paul Walker at our Dojo! Wait, there's more...

Your own Sensei on the set of a movie.

Paul Walker Star of "The Fast & the Furious" visits our dojo.

Rey Gavilan Sempai, PAUL WALKER, Juan Alberto Sensei

October 30th, 2002, Hollywood Beach, Florida

On the set of "2Fast2Furious" 
Sensei Juan and Sempai Rey were asked to be 
"Aikido Technical Consultants
by Paul Walker for an action scene in which Paul 
uses an Aikido move (Kote-gaeshi) 
to take away an assailant's gun.
The Hollywood Beach location where we spent the afternoon with Paul Walker.
We must admit Paul Walker was a great guy to hang out with. I know you have all heard stories about Hollywood Stars being all stuck up and stuff. Well to us Paul Walker is a "REAL STAR" super guy to work with and very humble. It was a pleasure to work with him. We really got FIRST CLASS treatment from the entire "2FAST2FURIOUS" crew. We can't wait to get another call from Paul!!!

Domo Arigato,

Juan R. Alberto, Chief Instructor