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Juan R. Alberto, Sensei


          Juan Alberto, Sensei has been involved in the Martial arts on and off all his life. He began his first martial arts training at the age of 7 in Judo at Hialeah Judo School under Raul Guash, Sensei. He later trained in Nisei Goju Ryu under Juan Sagaro, Sensei at Tracy's Karate and later at Twin Dragon Dojo as well as Chinese Kenpo and also under Master Manny Reyes, and Sifu Rey Irrizarry in American Kenpo.

         He was introduced to Aikido upon his wanting to pursue his Martial Arts training. Juan Alberto began his Aikido training in 1995.

          Juan Alberto has been training in Aikido for the last 20 years.  Juan Alberto, Sensei has also taught seminars in Connecticut and Florida.

          In his pursuit to expand his Aikido training Juan Alberto, Sensei continues to attend seminars regularly. His favorite seminars to attend are taught by Hiroshi Ikeda, Shihan, Michael Moreno, Shihan, a direct student of Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Henry Kono, Sensei whom was a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei. Wendy Whited, Sensei 7th Dan and George Ledyard, Sensei 7th Dan of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, and Micheline Tissier 6th Dan of France. Alberto Sensei, also enjoys training with Greg O'Connor, Sensei Chief Instructor of Aikido Centers of New Jersey and  Tim Vazquez of Aikido Center of Manasquan. Alberto Sensei, is a believer that Federations are not something to keep Aikidoka from experiencing other Sensei but rather to help promote the diversity of Sensei from one Federation to the other. Alberto Sensei exposes his student to different Sensei regardless of Federation affiliations and not limiting his students to any one Federation.

          Juan Alberto, Sensei has also had the honor and pleasure to be invited to teach along side of Dr. Alan Drysdale, Sensei of Enmei Dojo in Titusville, Florida, And as a guest sensei along side of Steve Fasen 6th Dan Aikikai of Shindai Aikikai Aikido Dojo in Orlando, Florida.

        Currently, Juan Alberto, Sensei is a student of Michael Moreno, 6th Dan Aikikai Shihan who was a student of Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Ni-Dai Doshu at Hombu Dojo Japan. Juan Alberto, Sensei holds the rank of Yon-dan (4th Degree Black Belt)  from  Aikido World headquarters (Aikikai)  and also a Shidoin (certified teacher) certificate from the American Aikikai Federation under Michael Moreno, Sensei, 6th Dan Aikikai Shihan.